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India is a country where everyone is concerned in conserving their hard earned money.Every penny saved adds to the way your loved ones enjoying a Better Future.
So how can we do that, I would be glad to share an information with you.
In our country cars are kept like a family member, Everyone has a soft corner for these shiny creatures.But due to a highly competitive market, every car manufacturer is being affected by the initial cost of Designing and manufacturing a new Model, A vehicle that could create a CLASS yet it pays the value for the money being paid by the Consumer.To fulfill both is like balancing the balancer act, In the end, everything is faced by the end -User.
I can bet anyone who is reading this must have heard the word “Anti-Rust” or ”Rust Coating”.

Ques-What actually is a Rust-proofing, and why is it a game changer in preserving a vehicle, Adding on years of life.
Ans-Anti rust is a protective coating being done underneath a car’s carriage, Purpose is you know by the name itself.
But why my car needs- a rust proofing, When I already paid a healthy amount on buying a top notch car.The reason is very clear- but does really are there flows in this. So you need to dig deeper under your car during the manufacturing process.This coating is actually an integrated part of vehicle – which is practiced while painting an under body floor.
Due to a disturbed market dynamics – some manufacturers put vehicle shell in a primer bath and then directly to the paint job. Some tend to ignore it, just to maintain and intact the final finish quality of their design.
Most times this commodity is left unnoticed by both Oem and Consumer, its considered as an Add-On product although its one of a prime manufacturing process product in sheet metal which cannot be left.

You would be astonished to know a number of Advantages of adding it to your Toy.
Benefits Of Anti-Rust Coating
  1. It protects your vehicle from rusting by directly providing an ultra thin protective layering, which differentiates water to stick for a prolonged duration on undercarriage and metal pockets – which are too difficult to access.
  2. An added protection from gravel from pot-holes which is normal in rural areas. My regards to Offroaders extensive lover @Muddy pathways.Which is a biological heaven for rust to multiply in maximum folds- if left unnoticed that too in an Uncoated vehicle.
  3. Indian roads are an inhabitant place for vehicles multiplying every second pass by.It also brings on some added by- products such as Smoke and Sound pollution.Smoke- Most underbody rust is triggered by the black smoke accumulation underneath the tail pipe and attained areas, where heat from Exhaust Head and catalytic converter sets – up perfect conditions for the rust.A drop of water will start this process very Efficiently.Unprotected vehicles come under such category which fails to pass even four years down the line, Sometimes even under warranty covered time (Lucky Men).
  • Sound Deaf-Yes you heard it right, actually its sound deadening, It’s another chapter I will cover in upcoming Season—@Smile, But this is another cost cutting tool used by our most Vehicle manufacturers. I would like to tell you where you are trying to save each thing is now being saved on the cost of Necessity and safety being framed under the category of luxury.A uniform coat of Anti-rust coating acts as a sound deadening material dropping minor noises from loose marbles or stones hit under board while driving.Now you may be getting an idea why those top notch vehicles carry an ultra silent cabin.
  • Cooler Interior-Frankly, after all these features I don’t think that any car owner would like this item to be included in their vehicle.A vehicle carrying Anti-rust Coat tends to act as a Heat Insulator, it helps to keep the heat generated on heavily worked up road tar away from Car carriage which is of metal sheet and is a good carrier of the same.It helps to keep your cabin cooler in summers preventing your Airconditioner work more efficiently and compressor running Healthy.
  1. Rusting is a slow but irreversible process which starts generally from a point which is tight to access.In most cases, rusted part is chopped and re-welded with a new one.No matter how well a body panel is chopped and welded together with new one, due to the difference in densities of original car panel metal sheet and diffused new metal panel, this area remains the easiest place for rusting to occur.Fresh and exposed metal is most venerable to Rusting.Hence it is always suggested to re-coat a newly fixed panel on a vehicle after a Body-shop Repairing.
All above-discussed points are well versed to prove your vehicle to withstand another couple of years in the Original State.

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