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Buying a new car has always been a costly affair.We are always keen to check out the latest wheels,whereas everyone wants to be a proud owner of one.Going for a new car is everyone,s dream,but if you are on a tight budget and still need a Value for money vehicle you can consider on buying a used car.But you may have to put some thorough personal effort to fulfill your dream.Finding a used car is not a challenge now-a-days,but to find one you could adore and use for another couple of years is a tough deal.To make your task easy there are a enormous used car dealers,Authorized dealer owned True value outlets  and Automotive Portals which helps you get a direct deal with the Owner itself.Life is good and to make it even better i am providing you with some points which will make your ride even more cost effective.

Here we go:-

1.Try to find yourself a vehicle where you can directly chat with the owner itself.A single hand driven car is always a boon,but a vehicle driven by a user badly could be even worse to deal,Moreover its coming under best selling line you may find under Lucrative Ads.Beware of such instances.


2.Buying a used car depends on basically the amount you will be spending on which kind of vehicle.For your understanding,if you need to buy a used Wagon-R,whose fresh model costs you around 4.50 lakhs ,now here comes the deal.Go for the latest model, and cost must be closest to your budgeted price.

3.Investing in a vehicle which is still under warranty can prove to be good,as you can still get some perks before it waves off its grace period.Plus you can still opt for Extended warranty which are provided by most Oems.

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4.Always check vehicle physically ,take a help along with you in this case.An Expert or a reliable motor mechanic can help you under a very low visiting cost.If you yourself want to take some efforts then here are some physical points related to body you can take care.Such as :-

A.Look vehicle carefully under well light area(broad daylight preferably),watch for straight lines.Such as straight lines on Hood.These are called press lines and once bend they are not easy to fix.Any Dent or damage can be easily felt.

B.Look carefully on any paint unevenness,paint fade or shading.If you find one ,it can be detected by a specialist.


C.Look for over-spray-Most panels are painted after masking the rest or nearby child parts.You can feel over-spray by checking Panel corners ,adjoining two panels. Over-spray can be easily felt by hand gesture and smoothly swiping over any panel.

D.Check for paint chipping and fish eye.These are formed due to a Paint job done badly,under bad conditions or under hurry.

E.Inspect vehicle parts which gets easily damaged in a collusion such as Bumpers,headlights,glasses etc.Inspect parts closely for refitting and gaps.

F.Check for rusting ,any panel which is repaired generally rusts from inner side due to chipping of protective layer from inside due to accidental impact.You will need a body inspector to access such panels from inside.

G.Check for Anti corrosion spray at undercarriage,behind fender and quarter panels.Most car owners prefer to get it done on there vehicle as soon as they get it Delivered from showroom or mostly its done during first free servicing. As its name suggests,its a under body coating or under panel rust protection coating,whenever a vehicle undergoes a penal dent or penal replacement,this protective coating is not completed it just for cost saving purposes,it is also a big touch point where you can understand that vehicle have been to a rigorous repair job.Most German brands tend to do it mandatory in Body damage repairs.



A. While entering the vehicle check all door hinges,rubber weather strips.If there is any hinges replacement or door replacement you can easily access it by paint difference or alignment difference.There will be marks on weather strips of removing and refitting.

B. Check and note down the kms done by the projected vehicle,check if its in round figure then chances are they could be tempered or reversed.Easiest way to find is to see the speedometer -wiring at speed sensor mounted on Transmission,so this could only be checked by an Experienced technician. Best you could do is check if there are recent marks of tempering or removing and refitting of same.

C. Another check point is compare the Gear lever knob,door release levers,and clutch accelerator pedal’s rubber.They will be worn-out in a driven vehicle.

D. Inspect the seat fabric,cracking and fading of color indicate the age of an old car.Inspect carpet carefully,any foul smell or water mark in car can be an early sign of a water logged vehicle,on removal of it in such vehicle you will find heavy bed of soil and rust.

E. Water logged vehicle also had electronic failures,check it while inspecting an engine compartment,A number of new fuses and recently replaced wiring harness are a strong point to be worried.These parts are costly,and laborious to repair.All will be indication to a major electrical repair or Fire hazard.

F. Crank engine and hear for unevenness.Feel any uneven Noise-Vibration-Harshness in car.Any roughness in these are early indications of a major engine job,that you may need to encounter in long run.

G.Drive vehicle on straight and steady patch,try to drive in all gears at various speeds and driving conditions,if there is any unevenness,refer to a specialist.

H.Check for any oil leak,seepage or wetness on engine tappet cover or lower block.Any oil deposition undercarriage.


6.If vehicle drives well .Ask the owner to share vehicle’s service history and warranty cards.Keep a track and of all these along with the Legal documents and verify the same with Issuing Motor Authority.Once you get a clean chit.Consider a buy worth it.

7.Try to negotiate with owner to get best price,as a penny saved is a penny earned.There are lot of points through which you can start a conversation on same.

8.Consider to get a less driven vehicle as more miles a vehicle have done on road,more likely it needs a maintenance.Try to calculate actual daily run of the car,which will help you co-relate it with the service history.

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