9 Useful Tips while Test Driving New Car At Dealer

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1.Taking a test ride in hurry is not a good idea. Suggestion is to take a friend or a family member along so that they could add up their points which may be left by you in that very little time. In our country, Car Sales Executive’s main motive is get yourself signing an advance cheque , but you should take a little more time to check and finalize the car on a proper test ride. Consider taking a test ride in non-peak hour-preferably in sun, so you can properly drive the vehicle checking all its functions including the A/c which is a Must for our climatic condition and is ideally throughout the year.

2.While you are in dealer showroom, check thoroughly all the fit and finish of the vehicle and see how well does the car appeals. Apart from it take a look on all the doors, fabrics, accessories and spaces provided for storage as you may only be able to check them again once you get it delivered and using. It’s always better to check them on time then to regret further.

Fit and finish 2

3.On the test ride, drive slowly and ensure to check most usual functions that you use plus asking the added features by the Sales Executive which are coming in with the new ride. Check all the mandatory items, sitting posture and comfortability , road view from front windscreen . About the blind spots such as front A- Pillars and distance between Hood and road which you are viewing. Turning radius and view from both side windows (rear view mirror and inner rear view mirror). These things will be boon to your driving or if they need a lot of adjustments then they can actually be the points for you to think.

4.On cranking motor-check for engine noise at idealing -with windows up and rolled down.  Apart from it, check for body vibrations and uneven ticking noises. These things are very crucial and should be admitted if they are bothering your comfortability as currently they are at the minimum state but by the time car gets aged these NVH are going to increase no-matter how well you drive.

Road test

5. While driving check it slowly on congested areas and drive it safely to an open stretch so you can actually try out the vehicle acceleration, engine braking, sudden braking and overall comfortability and driving pleasure. By the time you take up a u-turn to car dealer the cabin must be cooled which is another very necessary item. Always take 2-3 people in test ride so you may know how well your car preforms in a family day out.And will it be able to cope-up with your needs factor.

6. On reaching the dealer back, ask the executives about any more features well in advance if they skipped during test drive. He may give you a bonus point or probably his best one which could give you the final words to think about the deal.

Final at showroom

7. Coming to the most important one, after sales never leave a car dealer from Showroom, always take a look to the service center and see the final response you will be getting in future. Currently the response you get from service-center staff being a NO CUSTOMER TAG -is the actual experience you will be getting in most times. Try to have a word with an owner of the model which you want to go for. They will be sharing you the fun and not so go about your upcoming car. You can find one at owners’lounge or at the Service Delivery Area.

Waiting lounge at dealership

8. Also try to have a word with the Service guys on fair Advice for your wheels. You may be a little astonished to know that these guys will answer you with a very positive and fair advise, reason they are the only one who fix it up and will be meeting you for the same, they don’t want to disappoint their customer just with a bad product on behalf of which you will be actively rating them in future Surveys.

9. Last and not the least check out with the Used Car division and try to find out the after sales cost of your preferred model. Keep your eyes open to see any of your selected car model glimpse in this danger area and if you see one, it’s better to do some more homework before Investing.


If still you have any further query, please feel free to get in touch with us. Happy Driving. Stay connected.

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