Car Washing Process Detailed

1) Water Wash -is the wash concept to clean the exterior painted surface of your Car. In this process Eco-friendly wash solvent is used to clean the painted surface.

2) Engine Dressing-Engine Dressing keeps everything under the bonnet looking like new. The dressing safely restores and protects engine bay materials for a like new appearance. Engine Dressing provides long-
lasting protection in a non-greasy skin safe solvent free dressing. The specialized formula prevents cracking, fading and hardening of plastics and rubbers.

3) Floor Vacuuming-In this process detailed floor and carpet cleaning is done with the help of Vacuum machine.

4) Seats Cleaning (leatherette)-Car Seats tend to accumulate dirt and grime on continuous use. To give them a fresh spurt of life by cleaning them regularly. In this Process Seats are wiped with diluted solvent wash, to give them a quick cleaning.

5) Carpet Cleaning-In this process Carpet is cleaned with Vacuum Machine.

6) Dashboard & Door Trims Cleaning-In this process Dashboard and Door Trims are cleaned with Eco-friendly solvent giving a fresh look.

7) Car Perfuming-In this process the Car Cabin is perfumed with Car freshener to remove bad odor from the cabin.

8) Detailed Interior Vacuuming-In this process detailed interior vacuuming is done with the vacuum machine at tight areas of the Car. Door Trims and Glove Box will be vacuumed.

9) Window Glasses Cleaning-In this process window glasses are cleaned with Eco-friendly solvents so that u will get a clear and visible view.

10) Floor Mats washing and cleaning-(Plastic and Rubber )-In this process floor mats are washed and cleaned.

11) Tyre De-greasing and cleaning-In this process all Tyre/Alloys will be De-greased and polished again to add shine.


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